Stacie Mallen

Stacie Mallen has spent her career evangelizing her disruptive approach to business leadership and development, people management, and organizational evolution through fostering greater trust.  With more than two decades of experience in HR management and People operations, she specializes in leading cultural climate change for high-growth companies.

As a thought-leader in HR/People practices, Stacie is a regular speaker/panelist, and author of articles for Forbes Magazine, LinkedIn and her own podcast, “OptimizedAF.”   Stacie currently leads efforts for Universal Technical Institute as Director for Total Compensation, Benefits and Talent.

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Specifics of her career include:

  • M&A navigating, Capital Raising, Company Building expert with 8 High growth start-up companies and hundreds of developed leaders.

  • Fortune 50 Leader of a large national team

  • An expert in global leadership development

  • Experienced as CHRO/Chief People Officer

  • 20+ years highly functioning as a C-Suite Coach

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