Sam Julka

A graduate of Indiana University’s Herron School of Art and Design, Sam Julka is an enthusiastic and compassionate design researcher who is committed to the belief that design can change the world. Sam is a listener, and she’s incredibly empathetic—two skills that make her incredibly good at what she does.

If you tell Sam a sad story do not be surprised if you see a tear well up. Fear not: she has a firm grip on reality. She is just passionate about her work and thinks the key to making change in a complex world is listening to people’s struggles and enabling them to become positive change agents.

Sam lives in an historic downtown Indianapolis neighborhood with her husband Chris, their twin boys—Jasper and Henry—and their dog, Porter. Though she doesn’t consider herself a professional photographer, she loves taking photos and is never without her camera. She also spends her rare moments of spare time playing golf, shopping locally, and walking to nearby restaurants.

Throughout the course of her education, Sam worked on several people-centered projects that helped inform the collaborative Design Thinking process she uses to this day. With this process, she helps empower people—especially people who don’t consider themselves designers—to improve their workplaces.

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