Lina Stern

I believe that most organizations, as living and breathing organisms, have the opportunity to define, test and validate their own formula for success. EX, as both a practice and a tool, guides the design of high quality and relevant experiences, events, spaces and products that promote strong organizational health and brand. Employees are our first customers. They are the ones who will grow the business, help predict and influence change, and shape the culture of the company. At the end, it is about knowing yourself better, discovering new things and ultimately living a richer and more fulfilling life. It is about the customer, the individual and the organization on their  journey towards who they want to become; at work, at home and in their community.

I am an organizational psychologist with both a business and a clinical background. I have been a practitioner for over 18 years in the field of OD, eX, Learning and Change. I have worked alongside inspiring leaders in technology, product, media and consulting with a solid record of coaching them towards individual and team success. I have also lead digital organizations with revenue, team and product responsibilities. While eX and Coaching is agnostic to any industry, it does give me a unique view into your world.

I have a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and an Executive Coaching Certification from New York University. I speak product, marketing, Geek and Agile. I live in Brooklyn, New York with my family and love to travel and eat. I like the texture of real books, synchronized laughter of watching a movie together, funny giffs from a friend and the
anticipation of starting a great project that impact others.

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