John Hardy

John is deeply passionate about helping others to recognize and invest in their own passions and potential. He and his team currently drive Best Buy’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts, partnering with leaders across the organization to create sustainable strategies for recruiting, developing, engaging, and retaining diverse leaders across the enterprise.

Prior to his work in D&I, he was a member of the supply chain business team, partnering with the world’s leading home computing companies to supply electronics to over 1,000 Best Buy stores nationwide. John coordinated the inventory strategy of nearly 100 computing products at any given time, managing annual budgets between $250-500 million.

Outside of the workplace, John spends his time composing/producing records, mentoring, and building relationships with creative minds across the country, crafting hundreds of musical concepts that have been featured on albums, in commercials, and at music festivals. Over the last 12 years, he’s been involved in a plethora of academic, creative, and professional organizations, developing a diverse set of relationships, while picking up various leadership skills (and positions) along the way.

John is a proud North Minneapolis native and self-appointed “Twin Cities Ambassador”, advocating for the great state of Minnesota while traveling the nation in search of talented people. He seeks to strike a perfect balance between the creative, analytical, and strategic in his everyday life.

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