Dan Riley

Dan Riley, Partner & Chief Client Officer at Kincentric. Dan is a thought leader, technologist, change agent, and optimist in the area of talent management, the future of work and the impact people and technology have on that future.

With a vision and commitment to change the way businesses think, act, and operate, Dan works with leaders and organizations around the world helping them transform their vision and strategy, while inspiring with insight, energy, and powerful storytelling.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the HR and technology industry. Dan co-founded Modern Survey in 1999 until 2016 when the company was sold to Aon and served as its Chief Operating Officer.

He was responsible for the innovative and disruptive vision and strategy. Dan now serves as Chief Client Officer at Kincentric.

Dan has an extensive understanding of how technology and people strategy can be successfully applied to common business problems and will help organizations achieve the benefits of such strategies while maximizing the value of their people to transform company culture and create a better working world

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